Drive Solutions for Medical Engineering

Medical engineering and related life-science disciplines have a multi-faceted requirements profile for the motion drives employed. The spectrum goes from high-precision positioning systems to simple drive components which are compact, fast, reliable and energy-saving.

Piezoceramic drives are perfect for both these applications.

Physik Instrumente (PI) successfully integrates appropriate solutions in a wide variety of medical applications. Since the piezoelectric ceramics are developed and manufactured in-house at PI Ceramic, PI can be very flexible in reacting to customers’ requirements. From the piezoceramic disk for generating ultrasound through to six-axis positioning systems for load positioning in strong magnetic fields:

PI and PI Ceramic provide a broad spectrum of drives for medical engineering.

  • Clinical research and diagnostics
  • Microscopy and therapeutic applications
  • High-precision dosing
  • Moving test strips, pumps and nebulizers
  • Sterile motors and drives